Flash Flooding New York (2023)

1. Weather tracker: heavy rain brings flash flooding to New York City

  • 19 hours ago · New York City was particularly badly affected, with flash flooding reported across many of the city's subway stations and streets. One of the ...

  • US city experienced wettest September in 140 years, with severe downpours last week causing many services to close

2. New York City: State of emergency declared over flash flooding - BBC

  • 4 days ago · A state of emergency has been declared in New York City as strong storms bring flash flooding. · Many of the city's subway systems, streets and ...

  • Subways were inundated and people were urged "never attempt to travel on flooded roads".

3. Flooding in New York: Rain Eases, but Officials Warn That Flood Risks ...

  • 3 days ago · Heavy rainfall pounded New York City and the surrounding region on Friday, bringing flash floods, shutting down entire subway lines, turning ...

  • Heavy rain caused serious flooding across the region on Friday, leading Gov. Kathy Hochul to declare a state of emergency as rising waters disrupted travel and stranded people in cars and homes.

4. Rain slows and floodwaters recede, but New Yorkers' anger grows

  • 3 days ago · "Like the flash flooding is happening now, and we were already under water," Hayes said. READ MORE: Hundreds of flights canceled and delayed ...

  • Some lawmakers and business owners say the city did not do enough to warn people about Friday's deluge.

5. NYC flooding – live: Damage assessed after state of emergency ...

  • 2 days ago · Latest developments as New York City recovers from flash floods after historic rainfall sparked state of emergency.

  • Latest developments as New York City recovers from flash floods after historic rainfall sparked state of emergency

6. New York City flooding: Record rain generated 'life-threatening ... - CNN

  • 4 days ago · Record rain in New York City generates 'life-threatening' flooding, overwhelming streets and subways.

  • Record-setting rain overwhelmed New York City’s sewer system Friday, sending a surge of floodwater coursing through streets and into basements, schools, subways and vehicles throughout the nation’s most populous city.

7. Widespread flash flooding grinds New York City to halt amid record ...

  • 3 days ago · New York's deadly flood past. It was the second major city-wide flash flooding event in New York City in the two years. On Sept. 1, 2021, ...

  • One of New York City's wettest days in decades left the nation's largest city stunned and swamped as Tropical Storm Ophelia's remnants pushed onshore.

8. Flash Flooding Creates Whirlpool In New York City - The Weather Channel

  • Duration: 0:32Posted: 2 hours ago

  • A whirlpool formed on the street in New York as heavy rain caused flash flooding Friday, grinding parts of the country’s biggest city to a halt. - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.com

9. Flash flooding inundates New York City, paralysing subway - Al Jazeera

  • 3 days ago · New York City and its adjoining areas have been brought to a standstill after a bout of torrential downpours triggered flash flooding, ...

  • Torrential downpours trigger flooding, disrupting subway service as authorities declare a state of emergency.

10. Climate change and NYC: Historic rains buckle city's infrastructure, again

  • 4 days ago · A number of roads were closed, cars were submerged and several city buses were trapped as a result of flash flooding. Subways, regional rail ...

  • A warmer atmosphere can hold — and deliver — more moisture, something that the city has seen firsthand in recent years. But efforts to ensure it can handle modern storms has been "not enough."

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